About us

Who We Are

Crownhouse Logistics & Construction Limited is a building and road construction company employing more than 500 people across Ghana. Our highly skilled workforce and state of the art equipment ensures professional, beautiful and durable road and housing projects.

We design, build and manage road and housing projects to improve the lives of groups and individuals. With our comprehensive building solutions, we transform our clients’ dreams into lasting reality, helping them unlock new possibilities to develop lasting assets. We help our clients reduce cost through diligent and efficient construction processes.

For those looking to build their dream houses, our building construction expertise ensures value for money. We pay attention to details to ensure quality and beautiful projects. Unlike individual builders, all our buildings come with a 24-month warranty agreement with free 12-month inspection and maintenance after handing over.

Our Mission
Crownhouse provides affordable, quality and beautiful construction products and services using efficient and highly optimized construction processes and systems.

Our Vision
Crownhouse’s vision is to make the construction of buildings and roads affordable for all without compromising on quality and beauty.

Our Core Values

  • A. Truth
  • B. Transparency
  • C. Trust
  • D. Time consciousness

Your needs; our core business

Our Services (the gains & pain killers):

  • A. Building design and construction
  • B. Road design and construction
  • C. Building financing consultancy
  • D. Construction management
  • E. Building inspection and maintenance
  • F. Land sales
  • G. Hiring of construction equipment
  • H. Sales and supply of building materials


  • 1. GREDA -Ghana Real Estate Development Association
  • 2. FOUNDER is Member of Ghana Institute of Engineers (GhIE)
  • 3. Company Member of German construction


  • Supreme moulding, South Africa: Supplier of our interior mouldings of international quality.
  • Flex c cement, Turkey: Supplier of all our concrete decorative works:
  • 10Rajeb, Morocco: Supplier of quality international doors at wholesale price.
  • WallArt, Netherlands: Supplier of 3d wall décor products.


  • Supercem: Supplier of cement at wholesale price.
  • Diamond Cement: Supplier of cement at wholesale price.
  • B5 steel: Supplier of steel products at wholesale price.
  • Cedar Quarry: Supplier of quarry products at retail price.

Financing Options

  • Save to build in stages: Build according to income. Save to build based on construction stages. Pay extra cost for mobilization and demobilization.
  • Construction loan: We help you secure short-term bank loan for your dream house. You pay extra in terms of interest on loan, but you save on repeated mobilization and demobilization. Down payment may be required.
  • Mortgage: With little or no down payment, you can build with long-term loan. Low monthly deduction helps you easily fulfil other responsibilities.


  • UBA construction finance
  • Stanbic bank
  • FNbank
  • Republic bank

Our Building Construction Workflow:

  • 1. inspection site plan of land
  • 2. Inspection and possible survey of the land
  • 3. selection from standard designs and customization of building plan
  • 4. production of detail designs after approval from client
  • 5. cost estimate of building and submission
  • 6. Review of price with customer per budget without compromising on quality and beauty of the building
  • 7. Agree on payment plan and schedule
  • 8. signing of construction contract
  • 9. Make the first agreed payment or deposit in the contract
  • 10. commencement of building project
  • 11. Stage by stage documentation and reporting and schedule physical site visit
  • 12. Final inspections and handing over
  • 13. signing of warranty contract
  • 14. closure of Warranty and contract



I enjoyed working with Crownhouse because of the high level of professionalism they exhibited throughout the entire project duration.

Daniel Kofi Inn


Our experience with this Company has been a very positive one. They were very attentive to our needs and hence the project was very successful.

Nicholas Forson Inn