Appolonia City Estate

Project Info

  • Construction Date

    November 2017

  • Category

    Road Construction

The Begining

Appolonia is a partnership between Rendeavour, Africa’s largest urban land developer, and the chiefs, leaders and residents of the Appolonia community.



Appolonia City is a mixed-use and mixed-income urban development that will be home to 88,000 residents and tens of thousands of daily visitors.
The 2,325-acre project encompasses residential, commercial, retail and light industrial developments, as well as social amenities like schools, healthcare and
family parks. On a national scale, Appolonia City is helping to reduce Ghana’s housing deficit and, regionally, the project is an engine of development for the local area.

Appolonia City has obtained all local and national regulatory approvals.
Site infrastructure such as electricity, water, underground drains and tarred roads are ready for Appolonia City’s first occupants.


CrownHouse Involvement

CrownHouse Logistics and Construction was awarded the contract in constructing all the road networks within Appolonia City.